Procrastinating via Googlemaps

I am so anxious about work that I was up at 3am fussing over it. But as soon as I get to the office, the desire, no, NEED to look at maps of Lake Bikal in Siberia becomes totally more important.  BTW Lake Bikal is the deepest and largest freshwater lake in the world and…

Summer Forever

I ‘accidentally ‘ set my OOO message to read I would be back in April.  Oh and I bought this rad hat at the grocery store because beauty’s where you find it right? 

You can’t be sad on a swing 

Everything is still generally terrible (don’t read the news, ever) but it’s spring and there’s flowers and a swing set.  This flamenco-dancer sparkle day skirt doesn’t hurt either…. 

OOTD: Bad news with swans

What does a girl wear on a semi-cas trip to the jail to see clients?  Swans. You can’t get too depressed with swans.  The pink shoes add a little cheer although not sure how advisable open toe is in a penal setting. Heheh.  Penal. Skirt, Ellie Tahari.  Sweater, J.Crew.  Shoes, Cole Haan.  Bag, Kate Spade. Silk…