Grocery store is not code for ‘wear sweatpants’

My rants against the slobbification of America are legendary. Flip flops are for the beach. Fleece pants are for being in your house with a cold. Oversized cartoon tee shirts are for never. see? Buying Halloween swag and some milk while not looking like I live in a van. Blouse, Ella Moss, velvet blazer I’ve…

Ootd: take that Friday

Obviously this shirt is not going to court with me, but it sums shit up pretty well.  Props to my girl Paige Parker for this Etsy treasure.  I will now index some police reports.  Fuck off indeed.

Ootd: places to go

Dude, August is the worst.  So hot. So busy.  But September is here! And tights!  Although still super busy and out the door.