Angry gods bidding February goodbye with some Colorado Thundersnow??? Fight back with glittery sunglasses and some BONKERS high heeled rubber and neoprene Sorel boots. 

Like mother like daughter 

If you ever wonder about nurture v nature, ponder this candid shot of Eleanor and I. Basically the same person.   Except my outfit was more expensive. 

A Lesson in Failure

This is a longer read than usual, but stay with me friends. January is inherently a terrible month, and this one has been worse than usual.  Hence my total radio silence.  Who wants to see “OOTD:  oversized sweater and weird politically-caused pimple on cheek.” But I’ve pulled myself back from the brink before, and I…

Disco rodeo

When my bossfriend asked me what on earth I was wearing, the answer came immediately:  disco rodeo.  It’s denim and sparkles and prairie boots and the perfect antidote for blustery day blues.    

I am obsolete– review

During a morning of children/ cleaning avoidance, I found a website that is basically what I want my own site to be, but it’s like a million times better.  I probably shouldn’t advertise that.  However, my ethical duty as a fashion blogger requires me to tell you to go to immediately. There’s shopping tips,…

Ootd: a little boob

I was trying to go for a 1970’s Town and Country vibe.  The photobombing 7 yr old  adds a certain”realness.”  I also realized after I got to work that you can totally see my boobs. Generally I am pro-boob.  In court, not as much.      BThe skirt is METALLIC.

Tipsy cooking: Sadness Snacks 

When I’m feeling particularly sorry for myself, I like to bake.  This particular recipe was historically “Santa Snacks” but was renamed “Sadness Snacks” because I can’t only make these during the holidays (madness) but also because they are easy to make even when so depressed I want to die.  When my husband comes home and…

Reward yourself for Adulting

You know those stickers kids get for doing the most basic shit? You brushed your teeth! Way to go for making it through a whole day without biting anyone!!! Well you deserve some props too.  Because being an adult is 95% doing things you don’t want to do and that no one notices or cares. Proving again…

Ootd: take that Friday

Obviously this shirt is not going to court with me, but it sums shit up pretty well.  Props to my girl Paige Parker for this Etsy treasure.  I will now index some police reports.  Fuck off indeed.

Ootd: advanced lawn care

After a decade of successful avoidance, the husband has forced me to learn to mow.  Maxi dress probably not best choice but I’m not wearing some hideous Capri dockers even if this ends in loosing a foot.