Funday w shorties

Easter is the perfect day for matching Victoria Beckham for Target dresses, with matching rose for momma.  I used to mercilessly mock the IDEA of matching outfits, but when shown these dresses with freaking bunnies on the collars, I gave in.  Totally worth it. 

Tipsy cooking: heart attack sticky buns

It’s generally important to eat healthy food, high fiber, no additives, blah blah blah. These sticky buns are gloriously unhealthy. Like, zero nutritional value. ¬†And yet, you will think about them every week until you give in and make them, eat them, and the cycle will repeat. They are fucking amazing. And require no actual…

Ootd:  sideboob

Morning mimosa!   This is one of the few dresses I can’t wear to work — like, ever– so anytime I can wear this sideboob revealing dress, I go for it.  Given the smallness of my boobs, it’s not too vulgar for brunch. And if it is, fuck it.