Tipsy cooking: heart attack sticky buns

It’s generally important to eat healthy food, high fiber, no additives, blah blah blah.

These sticky buns are gloriously unhealthy. Like, zero nutritional value.  And yet, you will think about them every week until you give in and make them, eat them, and the cycle will repeat.

They are fucking amazing. And require no actual culinary skillzzzz.

Warning:  you gotta start this before you go to bed. The planning aspect is all that keeps me from eating my way to an early grave.

1.Get a bundt pan (see photo below) and spray with non-stick oil

2. Take one loaf of frozen dough and cut into eight equal rounds. Leave on counter for 20 min if too frozen to cut.

The creepy white bread loaf in freezer section of store

3.  Get a cup or so of pecans– whole or in pieces– and spread into bottom of pan.

4.  Plunk the dough circles into the pan.

5.  Now we get crazy– sprinkle a box of cook&serve butterschoch pudding mix around on top of the dough.

6. Add 1/2 c brown sugar on top

7.  Melt a stick (1/2 c) of butter and pour it evenly over this unholy mixture.

Bundt pan with ingredients before resting 

8.  Cover pan with a damp towel to rest and go to bed.

9. Wake up!  Turn oven to 350 and when heated, take off towel and stick pan in oven. Cook about 20 min- it’s done if you poke it and there’s s bit of crusty bread feel. Start poking at around 20 min and every few min until done.

10. Take out of oven and let it sit for about 10 min.  This will be torture. But you have to do it!

11. Put a plate and hold it over the pan then quickly invert it so bottom of pan faces up. Leave it alone for another 5 min.


12. Remove pan. Eat. Cry.  The photo below was taken as quickly as possible but the family already ate most of it.


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