I’m so sorry.

I made James Joyce out of Rice Krispie treats. He didn’t deserve this.


After many long, angry months, the kitchen is done.  I baked some bread.  Then I ate the bread.  Totally worth it. 

Ootd:  kitchen cat 

After a delightful day of Lawyer, I get to do Mom.  I want to do Netflix.  Luckily this badass velvet leopard dress is comfy enough for vigorous stirring.

Tipsy cooking: Sadness Snacks 

When I’m feeling particularly sorry for myself, I like to bake.  This particular recipe was historically “Santa Snacks” but was renamed “Sadness Snacks” because I can’t only make these during the holidays (madness) but also because they are easy to make even when so depressed I want to die.  When my husband comes home and…

Tipsy cooking: heart attack sticky buns

It’s generally important to eat healthy food, high fiber, no additives, blah blah blah. These sticky buns are gloriously unhealthy. Like, zero nutritional value.  And yet, you will think about them every week until you give in and make them, eat them, and the cycle will repeat. They are fucking amazing. And require no actual…

OOTD: Not even donuts

Usually donuts and some fun mixed prints cheer me up.  Not today friends,  not today. I’m included this terrible photo of myself to capture the desolation. 

Tipsy cooking: cinco de poppers

If there was ever a holiday to do some drunk cooking, it’s cinco de mayo. This is the easiest (but still impressive) thing you can bring to the party.  Your better than store bought guac!!  Heat oven to 350 ish. Get a cookie pan.  Get a dozen or so nice size jalapeños.  Straighter and plumper…

Tipsy cooking: the frosting of things

There is no kitchen skill more valuable than knowing how to make frosting.  People can forgive a burnt casserole but shitty frosting is the worst.  The plastic tub of frosting from the store is chemical soup.  Make cake from a mix, sure, but a good frosting covers a multitude of sins. If you have a…

Tipsy Cooking: Mexican Lasagna

Also known in my house as “Mexican pile” but lasagna sounds a lot more appetizing. Seriously, anyone can make this.  There’s barely a recipe, just throw shit in a pan and pretend it was complicated when friends ask you about it. 1.Heat oven to 350 2.Get a glass or ceramic pan that’s about 9 x11….

Tipsy Cooking

At some point, you will have people over for dinner or be asked to bring something other than a six-pack to a party.  Don’t freak out. You got this. I love to cook and over the years have become pretty awesome at it.  But, most days, you don’t want to make something that requires trips…