Ootd: What do you do with a drunken sailor/ a scarf?

Scarfs in the abstract are so cool but what the hell do you DO with them?  I really don’t want to look like Margaret Thatcher.  Solution:  twist into a headband with braids and semi-nautical outfit.  Ahoy bitches. 

Ootd:  Mama’s got a new baby

Yes, the birth of my children was great, but getting this sweet ass MBMJ bad for under $150 (Nordstrom Rack, org. $550) is really almost as good.  And I don’t need to feed or diaper the bag….  

Jail birds ootd 

I don’t know what’s more strange- the number of shirts I own with bird print or the fact that I seem to wear them whenever I have to go to the jail. Today I realized it’s a subliminal message to my clients….  

OOTD: Bad news with swans

What does a girl wear on a semi-cas trip to the jail to see clients?  Swans. You can’t get too depressed with swans.  The pink shoes add a little cheer although not sure how advisable open toe is in a penal setting. Heheh.  Penal. Skirt, Ellie Tahari.  Sweater, J.Crew.  Shoes, Cole Haan.  Bag, Kate Spade. Silk…

J.Crew, a love story

Led by perpetually cool Jenna Lyons, J.Crew has become one of my favorite stores.  If you’re not shopping at J.Crew because you still associate it with those catalogs from 1992 that show cheerful girls on yachts, you’re making a big mistake.  Yes, there are staples like Breton striped shirts (see below) and suits.  But also…