J.Crew, a love story

Led by perpetually cool Jenna Lyons, J.Crew has become one of my favorite stores.  If you’re not shopping at J.Crew because you still associate it with those catalogs from 1992 that show cheerful girls on yachts, you’re making a big mistake.  Yes, there are staples like Breton striped shirts (see below) and suits.  But also crazy good jewelry, shoes, statement pieces and elegant dresses.  And if you wait like a tiger in the grass, you can get it for way less than makes sense.

Lyons, looking like a fucking boss.

You know I looooove online shopping and J.Crew.com is my favorite money-sucking friend. Because everything is the same brand, sizing is very consistent.  Go to the store, try on a bunch of stuff even it’s not really your jam, figure out your sizes.  Petite and tall sizes are available for lots of items online.  This is particularly helpful if you have albatross arms and shirts and blazers are always too short.  Flap flap flap cawwwww!

Stupidly perfect Kate Middleton in a Breton stripe tee

Besides the expanded sizes, Jcrew.com has great sales– I mean, really, life-changingly great sales.  Once in a while they have 30% off everything including suits which never make it to the clearance stage.  If you are attempting to Adult, you need a suit.  Just get one.  Navy or gray. Skirt preferably because it’s more versatile.  I have to wear suits (although usually with some weirdo accessory that un-Adults them) and J.Crew makes the best.
If you wait for sales, you can get well made, super interesting statement pieces as well as staples for the same price you’d pay for ugly shit at Macys.  (Side note:  Macys makes me want to kill myself and everyone shopping there, it’s the worst).  I check the site every few days because you never  know when those sneaky webmasters will spring a clearance on you. Here are some treasures:

J.Crew I love you; for clothes both adulty and silly
A sparkly skirt, a blouse with some flirt, but never ever too frilly.
Yea, I wrote a poem.  Deal.

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