OOTD: Not even donuts

Usually donuts and some fun mixed prints cheer me up.  Not today friends,  not today. I’m included this terrible photo of myself to capture the desolation. 

Ootd : America & Shit

While my feelings towards America run from tepid hope to resigned disgust, I do appreciate those who fight to keep our ridiculous world going. So to celebrate I get drunk and wear a semi-themed outfit right? Right…..

Ootd: I just can’t 

The worst part of Adult is that you have to like, do shit.  All the time.  Even when you feel like dog balls and it’s raining.  Luckily office friend has a Sherlock Holmes couch for self pity flopping. Wearing a cheerful skirt but it’s not working. Even a tweed/ floral combo can’t help me now….

OOTD:  Mostly just coffee

When motivation is at an all-time low, it’s time for coffee (I think this is #3) and Neko Atsume. I love mixed print more than anything (other than cats and coffee) and this dress does it for me.  I took some creepy close ups so you can see the amazing workmanship that went into this….

OOTD: Mixed prints and shoes of doom

On days when I have to go do some yelling in court, I like to suit up and wear a shoe built for stabbing in eyeballs / looming over my opponents.  But, like, in a fun way, right? Mixing prints is not as hard as you think.  A little clashing is okay but make it…