Ootd: totally court appropriate tights! 

Getting dressed in January is not fun.  The thrill of getting out sweaters and boots evaporated weeks ago and Spring dresses feel a million years away.  Soooooo….. tights with moons and stars!  It’s the little things right? And look how cute this bow is.  I can’t see it but I know it’s back there somewhere….

Disco rodeo

When my bossfriend asked me what on earth I was wearing, the answer came immediately:  disco rodeo.  It’s denim and sparkles and prairie boots and the perfect antidote for blustery day blues.    

Like a jungle cat

So there was this Marni blouse that had cats on it that I was dying for.  But even I couldn’t justify spending $1000 on a blouse.  With cats. Imagine my glee when I found this impostor cat blouse at H&M during black Friday/weekend for $7.  Scorrrre. To help balance out the mass-produced poly blend sadness…

Festive snow boots & work Snuggie

It took until December, but we finally got some snow here in Denver.  I was getting anxious not because I worry about devastating wildfires and drought– no– I really wanted to break in the sweet boots and break out the sweater dress (i.e work-appropriate Snuggie).

The shipping emporium / bee shoes

Between the constant incoming boxes from various online merchants and the outgoing things I sold on Poshmark and Ebay (which are unsurprisingly things from said online purchases that don’t fit or are weird), I have accumulated a lot of shipping materials.  Like, to the point that my coworkers come to my office when they need…

Ootd: target run 

  Everyone, even mega-celebrities like myself (chortle) need a place where you can get lemon extract, hair dye, and $200 of WTF random objects. Seriously, what did I just buy? Style tip:  I refuse to let a closet full of open-toe shoes lie dormant for 5 months.  Wear some opaque tights with those bad boys.  …

Ootd: a little boob

I was trying to go for a 1970’s Town and Country vibe.  The photobombing 7 yr old  adds a certain”realness.”  I also realized after I got to work that you can totally see my boobs. Generally I am pro-boob.  In court, not as much.      BThe skirt is METALLIC.

Ootd: Apocalypse Soonish

What does one wear while waiting for the end of the world?  Ideally I’d wear a ball gown and drink but I had to go Adult so we settled on a Tracy Reese dress w pockets and a silk pinstriped blouse.  Probably still going to drink.

Ootd: take that Friday

Obviously this shirt is not going to court with me, but it sums shit up pretty well.  Props to my girl Paige Parker for this Etsy treasure.  I will now index some police reports.  Fuck off indeed.

Ootd: fat day tunic

Okay so it’s more like a fat month.  Or fat several months.  But this tunic covers an unappealing situation and it has elephants on it.  Note to self: the beer and cheese diet hadn’t caught on for a reason sister. 

Ootd: I am a storm cloud 

Yes it’s bright and blue here in Boulder but I have to do some Adult Lawyer Shit and am suited accordingly.  I’ve made poor life choices.  

Ootd : last days of summer 

Summer is wrapping up with beer & pizza festival.  Most Boulderites are wearing activewear.  I am, naturally, not.