The shipping emporium / bee shoes

Between the constant incoming boxes from various online merchants and the outgoing things I sold on Poshmark and Ebay (which are unsurprisingly things from said online

Amazing shoes purchased from TheRealReal, my favorite lux consignment site

purchases that don’t fit or are weird), I have accumulated a lot of shipping materials.  Like, to the point that my coworkers come to my office when they need a box of any size.   Most recent acquisition: Louis Vuitton satin heels with BEES ON THEM that have a tiny LV on the body.  A super practical shoe for November.   They were consignment.  And on sale.  Shut up.



I have things shipped to work for two reasons:  

BEE SHOES; slightly itchy blouse, Equipment; skirt, J.Crew. 




First, knowing a box is coming is often the only thing that can get me to go to work.  See my excitement!!! Boxes!!!








Second, because my husband would be highly suspicious if he saw all this crap coming to the house.  He never reads my blog so don’t tell him.


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