Buy boots in May? Hell yea.


Boob-making dress

Buying off-season is one of the best ways to get good stuff for a fraction of full retail price. This time of year, any remaining boots, sweaters, coats, etc that are still lingering in stores are at firesale prices.  Case in point:  4.Collective sweater dress from NM LastCall picked up this weekend.  It’s thick plush knit with almost sheer sleeves.  It even makes me look like I have boobs!


But the best part?


It was less than $40 AFTER TAX.

Assuming you plan on being alive and wearing clothes in the fall, you can and should look for bargains now.  Same thing goes in October/ November for summer stuff. Yes, it’s lame to buy a new toy and not get to play with it immediately, but think how exciting it will be when the leaves change and you have a “free” brand new whatever to wear!

So go buy those furry boots you wanted. They will still be rad in November. I’ll tuck this gem of a dress in the back of the closet and unearth it in a few months.

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