Ootd:  Dankeschön Nordstrom Rack! 

While avoiding my parenting and household duties this past weekend, I went to Nordstrom Rack for Clear the Rack (25% off all clearance items!)  img_3633After flipping through tons of crappy poly blouses and indescribably ugly sweaters, I found…. a size 8 Marc Jacobs silk dress $1200 marked down to $200 and possibly– dare I hope?– on clearance.  The salesperson told me that no, it wasn’t marked down to $150.  It was in fact $60.  Oh, but the clearance price was $45.  This is why I look so happy.  

Note adorable Heidi hair which shows off the deep V of the neckline.  

Please use this post as an excuse to say fuckit and go to the mall right now to do some digging of your own.  Treasures!


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