The meowiest dress from FW 2016, now at Nordstrom….

I know FW 2016 shows were like, a million years ago  but I still think fondly upon Dolce & Gabbana’s fairytale romp which proved that minimalism is the worst.  More is more!

If you need a reminder of why you should wear more fringe, patterns, metallics, buckles and bows (preferably all at the same time) check out the complete collection at Dolce & Gabbana.

One particular dress, adorned with cats, haunts me.  I want it.  And now it’s for sale at Nordstrom !!


Best dress ever.  Dolce & Gabbana, FW2016

Not that I can afford it, but the fact that Catdress made it to production and somewhere a rich crazy lady is wearing it is enough.


Now the wait for a less amazing version to trickle down the fashion ladder so plebeians like me can get their cat on.


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