When life gives you lemons get some vodka

I’ve had a bitch of a week at work and finally got to the gym this morning (Yea!) and when I got to the gym realized I had left my work clothes at home (Boo!) and had only a sports bra and leggings.  To wear to court (Fuck!).

Why YES I do wake up like this!!!           8am, Target. 


Luckily Target opens at 8am so I slunk my way over in gym clothes IN PUBLIC and bought a new dress that is so cute I would wear even not in an emergency situation.


And my bitch of a week ended with an extremely good plea offer for a favorite client, my new sister-wife dress, and some well earned alcohol. Moral of story:  everything is still generally terrible but even in the midst of terribleness, there is shopping and drinking.

OMG how cute is this dress?  A little rumpled from jail court, but still!! 

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